Is Celebrex Generic Equivalent available?

Celebrex Generic Equivalent will be available in 2014

Celebrex is the drug which has been manufactured by Pfizer and they are responsible to market in all over the world and any other pharmaceuticals have not rights to manufacture this medication. Therefore, Pfizer is now responsible to introduce the Celebrex generic equivalent and the generic versions of Celebrex available in the markets are fake because Pfizer has not introduced Celebrex generic version. When Celebrex was introduced by the Pfizer for the treatment of arthritis and acute pain then they had announced to introduce the generic version of this drug in the year 2013 but now there are chances that they will introduce this version in 2014 and it will be introduced by Pfizer therefore customers should avoid to purchase currently available generic version of Celebrex.

It is also possible that any other pharmaceutical will manufacture the generic version of the Celebrex but they cannot manufacture it before 2014 because Pfizer has exclusive rights of Celebrex manufacturing and innovation. These special rights are given by the governmental authorities to any pharmaceuticals and due to these rights other companies cannot copy their product and if any company will not follow the rules of special rights then government has authority to ban these companies.

The special right or patent is given to any company for specific time period or we can say that every patent has an expiry date and before this expiry other companies do not copy the formula or brand name of particular product. The patent of Celebrex medication obtained by the Pfizer will expire in 2014 and then Celebrex generic equivalent will be manufactured by Pfizer or any other pharmaceutical company.  The companies who are selling the generic version of Celebrex are illegal and the customers should not buy this drug because such medications can be proved very dangerous for the health.

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Celecoxib is not the Generic Version of Celebrex                           

Some people consider that Celecoxib is the Celebrex generic equivalent but this is not true because Celecoxib is totally different from Celebrex and it is the active ingredient of Celebrex. The patent of Celebrex was expected to expire in the year 2013 but Pfizer has obtained the extension in the expiration date and this extension has been granted to analyze the effects of this medication among children and its effects on unborn babies and it is also not sure that generic version will be available in 2014 because Pfizer can also get the extension for the expiration of patent.

The Celebrex generic equivalent will be manufactured by several pharmaceuticals after the expiration of the patent and the main advantage of using generic version is that it will be inexpensive. There are chances that the generic name of Celebrex will be the Celecoxib but it is not conformed but usually it is noticed that generic versions are named after primary ingredient of the original drug. It is reported that generic version will be beneficial for the children with low side effects but before launch of generic version we cannot check the validity of this claim.

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