Celebrex Dosage for Patients of Acute pain

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Celebrex Dosage Depends Upon Weight and Age of Patients  

There are different factors which affect the Celebrex dosage such as your medical condition and especially the symptoms of arthritis mainly affect the amount of prescribed dosage such as if these symptoms are severe then the starting dosage of this drug will be greater than normal level. Your weight also plays very important role to determine prescribed dosage of the Celebrex such as if your weight is below the normal weight level then the amount of dosage will be very low because in this case your body can experience severe allergic reactions.  Therefore, always take the medication with the consultation of physician because he will decide after checking your health condition that what amount of dosage is suitable for you.

The prescribed dosage of any medication or drug also depends upon the other medical conditions because high amount of dosage can cause complications for other medical conditions such as the people who have any kind of heart problem will be recommended to take the low dosage of any drug. Similarly pregnant ladies are not given high amount of dosage and mostly they are recommended to stop taking medications and drugs during pregnancy because most of the medications can harm the unborn child.

The tolerance ability of patients for the negative effects of medication is also considered important for the prescription of the Celebrex dosage such as the patients who have greater ability to tolerate the side effects of Celebrex will be suggested to use Celebrex 200mg in the initial condition of their arthritis. Usually, physician will recommend the use of Celebrex 100mg in a day because overdose can cause side effects such as inflammation and swelling in different parts of body and it is also important to note that amount of dosage will also vary due to the nature of the disease and even that dosage of Celebrex will be different for different stages of a disease.

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The amount of Dosage will be Different for Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

The Celebrex Dosage is different for different medical conditions such as the prescribed dosage of Celebrex for the treatment of arthritis is Celebrex 100mg to Celebrex 200mg twice in a day and the patients who are experiencing osteoarthritis should take Celebrex 200mg once in a day. For the treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in children the starting dosage 50mg twice in a day and mostly physicians suggest the medication after checking the weight of the children and the children whose weight is more than 55pounds must be given 100mg of Celebrex two times in a day.

The Celebrex is also recommended for the treatment of acute pain and painful menstruation and the prescribed Celebrex dosage for these problems is 400mg of Celebrex, this is the highly potent dosage of Celebrex therefore do not take it with empty stomach. If you experience any kind of allergic reaction after taking the medication then consult to your healthcare provider as soon as possible otherwise you can face fatal health situations.

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